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He started his career in the family real estate and hotel business in Florida from which his concern for the environment steered him in public life. He has served six Florida governors and two presidents in many positions, including terms as chairman of the Florida Department of Air and Water Pollution Control, and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Beyond his government service, he helped found 1000 Friends of Florida and has served as both president and chairman of the board of the organization. He currently or has served on the boards of the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Geographic Society, Yellowstone National Park, Everglades Foundation and Hope Rural School.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Now Available - Nathaniel Reed's Latest Book

     “This is a book of essays of Nathaniel Reed’s memories of behind the scenes events that helped shape this nations environmental laws during a period of environmental renaissance. It is impossible to overstate the contribution Nathaniel Reed has made to transforming the culture of Florida.  When he arrived more than six decades ago, Florida was continuing a long-held belief that Florida, its land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources with few exceptions, were commodities to be used and disposed of at the will of the current generation of state residents.  Nathaniel and a small band of his disciples in less than a decade evolved Florida to a new definition – a treasure for which each generation has a responsibility to protect for future Floridians.  In culture and politics no victory is assured.  Into his personal eighth decade Nathaniel battles frequent relapses into commoditization, his vigor and vision personifying the essential grandeur of natural Florida. Quite a man, quite a journey.”   Senator Bob Graham

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Nat, thank you so much for writing “Travels on The Green Highway”.  I have already read most of it - a wonderful book. It brought back almost forgotten memories. In writing this book you did a fine service to history and inspiration for the younger generation whose responsibilities it will be to continue on the brave path that you have blazed for them. I wish you all the best, dear friend. With deep admiration and gratitude, -Estes Whitfield