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He started his career in the family real estate and hotel business in Florida from which his concern for the environment steered him in public life. He has served six Florida governors and two presidents in many positions, including terms as chairman of the Florida Department of Air and Water Pollution Control, and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Beyond his government service, he helped found 1000 Friends of Florida and has served as both president and chairman of the board of the organization. He currently or has served on the boards of the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Geographic Society, Yellowstone National Park, Everglades Foundation and Hope Rural School.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Florida's environment is the foundation of our quality of life and our economy. It's a treasured asset for longtime residents and a magnet for new Floridians and tourists, both arriving in huge numbers.

But Florida's environment faces serious risks. It's critical that all of our state's elected leaders are aware of these risks and ready to face them with decisive action. Time is of the essence. Moving decisively on these issues now is essential to avoid disaster.

Today, August 15, a coalition of environmental and public interest organizations in Florida are releasing a report entitled "Trouble in Paradise," available at http://troubleinparadiseflorida.org/.  This report outlines six major statewide issues threatening our state's environment and our residents' quality of life. The report also identifies four of Florida's many natural resource areas that are at risk and deserve special attention from state leaders.  It was spearheaded by the late Nathaniel Pryor Reed, who founded 1000 Friends of Florida and continued to serve as its Chairman Emeritus until his passing.
"Trouble in Paradise" doesn't just spotlight environmental problems. It also lays out a path to solutions by naming six essential policy goals. To achieve them, the next governor will need to appoint committed, capable leaders to key state and regional agencies. Legislators will need to provide the necessary legislation and funding, and local leaders will need to tackle these issues in their communities and regions.

We hope all candidates for office will seriously consider its diagnoses of our state's environmental problems and follow its prescription for positive change.  We also hope all voters will support candidates who will play a leadership role in addressing Florida's growing environmental crises.

While the challenges facing Florida are many, now is the time to chart a better, more sustainable course for our beloved state's future.  

Please take some time to read Trouble in Paradise, ask your candidates for office about their positions on these critical environmental issues, and vote accordingly.  Florida's future depends on it.